Our Core Features

woops Daily Operation support

Daily Operation

Now manage the daily operation of an eCommerce site in just a click with Woops EMS. In Woops EMS you will find Invoice management, Delivery and Courier management, Inventory Management all in one tab. It’s so easy that you would love to have coffee while managing the operation. No need to worry about your delivery and courier records. You will be able to see everything in one go.

Big Data Analysis

Big data helps to create a better shopping experience, boost customer satisfaction and generate more sales. It will help us to see future and take business decision based on historical data. Moreover it will help us 1. Deliver Something More Valuable. 2. Deliver More Personalized Interactions. 3. Make Accurate Predictions. 4. Reduce The Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate. 5. Provide Customers with A Better Experience.

Woops Big Data Analysis support

Integration system with Rewards

Integration with Rewards

You have reward system in your E-Commerce but you are unable to integrate with your system. Don’t worry! Our Woops EMS can be integrated with reward system and works seamlessly with any kind whether points based or cash back or others. It’s easy to operate and will provide and will help the user and customers to maintain the reward system smoothly.

Payment Gateway

Woops EMS can be integrated with any kind of payment system such as Paypal, telr, 2Checkout, Checkout.com, Salesforce, ZoHO and the list goes on. Our Woops EMS is already used in 3 countries and many more are in pipeline. You do not have to worry about your local or international payment system to integrate with your business.

woops Payment Gateway support

woops Supplier Management system

Supplier Management

When you are dealing with an E-Commerce site, you have to deal with many suppliers. It is tough to maintain all the suppliers by you. With Woops EMS, now you can easily track everything of the supplier without much hassle. The various access levels in the Woops EMS give you the perfect freedom to give the supplier an access to upload and maintain inventory of their product all by themselves.

To Do List

Woops EMS has an amazing feature – To do list. It keeps track of all your work once you select it in do to list and alerts you from time to time of your important work and schedule. It acts as your personal assistance in other way.

Woops EMS To Do List feature

woops Affiliate Module

Affiliate Module

Woops EMS has Affiliate Module integrated with the system. Even if your E-Commerce business does not have affiliate system, you can always start with by the help of Woops EMS. Our idea for affiliate module is generalized and can be followed in any country.

AI Reports

Woops EMS comes with Artificial Intelligence; it will give business prediction by using all available information. There are self learning tools which make the system intelligent day by day. So the report it will generate after one year will be more accurate and intelligent from current one.

woops AI Reports

Woops eCommerce Inventory Management system

Inventory Management

Now you do not need to worry about your E-Commerce inventory. With Woops EMS you can easily manage your stock, products in and out, your critical stock, your product requirement as per order and so on. All these can be easily maintained by Woops EMS.


Marketing expense for you E-Commerce business is a big part and some users find it difficult to control. With our Woops EMS, you can always keep a track of your expenses related to your E-Commerce. You can also plan your future expense for special occasions like year ending sale, anniversary sale, Christmas Sale and others keeping the previous expenses in mind.

Marketing analysis for ecommerce business

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

This is the best part of Woops EMS which helps you to know and track everything of your customers. Your customer is the main reason for your Business and the Woops EMS takes care of all the customer whoever buys anything or register them in your site. You can have at a go all their purchase history, their payment methods, their reviews, comments, likings and so on. You can also rate your customers according to their purchase history, behavior and other things and put them in the white or black list. So whenever these customers buy anything or call you, you can be alert and serve then carefully and better.

Staff Activity

When you are running an E-Commerce Business, you need to maintain some employee. With Woops EMS, every entry your employee can easily be tracked and at the end of the day you will be able monitor how much work your employee has done for you. You can also check who has handled which order. This is a great way to monitor your Business as well as your employees.

Staff Activity for E-Commerce Business

eCommerce Accounting system (Double Entry System)

Accounting (Double Entry System)

Woops EMS has the double entry system accounting which eases your pressure to maintain and check your accounts. Just like accounting software it gives you final statement, journal records, all the expenses entry, profit and loss calculation, Product costing records all in one system. With such system you can easily plan your next move for the E-Commerce Business depending on the records.

Delivery and Courier Management

It is impossible to manage a large E-Commerce Business with a single courier service. You ought to have 3-4 courier services for you product delivery. It is really tough to maintain and track all the different Courier in one system. Woops EMS provides you the perfect platform to maintain all the Courier Service, its payment received, payment due, partial payment, conditioning delivery, half condition delivery activities in one system. It’s really easy and fun to maintain the Courier Service in Woops EMS.

Delivery and Courier Management system

Discount and Gift Card Management system

Discount and Gift Card Management

Discounts and Gift cards are integral part to run an E-Commerce business. Some users find it tough to manage the discount and gift cards. With our Woops EMS it is as easy as to manage just by a click. You can create thousands of cards and discount coupons just by a single click.

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