How to Promote your Ecommerce Business

26 December, 2016

In the earlier days, selling your products meant that you needed a brick and mortar store for yourself which meant that you had virtually limited yourself to only the local customer base. But, things have changed as today, all you need is an internet access along with a website to advertise your inventory. With an E-commerce website, you will find it pretty easy to attract multiple customers from all over the world. But if you do not promote your virtual ecommerce store, your customers would not be able to locate you. So, you can make use of a variety of free and paid ads which are available online as per your budget and business plan.

Below, you will find 10 areas that you can make use of for your ecommerce website:

Social media sites:

One thing that you need to keep in mind while using social media is that it will take a lot of time and you would also be needed to work on it consistently. However, the best part of it is that it comes free unless you are making use of paid version. But while doing so, you necessarily do not need to market in every thick and corner but instead choose to market only where there is your consumers which may mean that you will need to limit yourself to just one or two. I have noticed that for Wedding business of mine, Pinterest has always worked best whereas for any author, Goodreads or Twitter has shown better results.

Public relations; word of mouth

Providing an excellent customer service along with excellent products can help with the generation of multiple leads over the longer period of time. So, if you deal with your customer on an online platform in a delicate manner; then it can add up positive things to your image. Adding to that, you could also have your product mentioned in media outlets by pitching the right editors. So, look out for the services of Royex who will help you out in generating links.

Organic search results:

Creating a site that is based on the latest pattern of SEO optimization and is built with current mode of architecture is the best way to promote while spending only a handful. You necessarily do not need to buy expensive SEO services to have your site ranked. There are multiple ways such as blogs that you can do on your own to rank up your site.

Strategic partnerships:

Creating partnerships is one of the best ways to foster your hold on the market. You just need to identify the potential partners and show them the benefits if they choose to become your partner and then with each other’s help; grow your business to new heights.

Email marketing:

You can also take the help of email marketing; all you need to do is collect email addresses of your customers and keep on sending regular emails to them. It could either be the new offer that you are bringing or simply the weekly newsletter. It typically may cause you a little fees but it surely will help you in building leads.


Directories are more of a forgotten area of the SEO but that does not mean you cannot make use of it. As long as you are not oversaturating your business in like almost all the directories available; you may in most cases be able to generate few leads from there.


There are high number of customers who visit your site and leave it without making any purchase, right? So, how can you get them back? Well, you can easily get them back through retargeting that places a cookie on the consumer’s computer and whenever they visit any other website where an ad is being showed; it will be replaced by yours. Now this trick comes for a good sum of cash and may or may not return much on the investment but still it is something you can take a chance with.

Trade Shows; Expos; Events:

For merely a fixed amount of money, you are able to rent a table and booth and can advertise your product directly to your target audience. Doing this is hugely helpful because the masses coming to attend the program are there for a very specific reason and as a result would be very much interested in things that you have to offer.

Direct Mail; print Ads:

This certainly was one of the most expensive marketing tactics that we put on a test and it did not yield results as we had expected of it. It is only suggested if you can get it well with the leads that you got from a trade show or something of such kind.

All of these tricks are simply some of the avenues that you can jump in. Some may work well for your business while others may not be that good; so take the chance and determine which one is the best one for your business or company.

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